The Alliance of Basingstoke Churches

One Church, Many Congregations, United by God's Spirit

Welcome to the Alliance of Basingstoke Churches (ABC). The ABC is an umbrella organisation which exists to facilitate the work of church unity across the town of Basingstoke through Christian work, worship and co-operation together.

Looking for a church? Use our Find A Church section to search by listing or using a map. This is the most comprehensive and accurate listing of churches in Basingstoke. We can also put you directly in touch with a representative of one of our churches.

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The Alliance of Basingstoke Churches exists to:
  • Encourage supportive partnership between both churches and ministers of the area through Christian work, unity and co-operation together.
  • Enable effective communication with churches in Basingstoke and being a focal point for relationships with wider ecumenical bodies.
  • Build helpful relationships with the Local Authority of Basingstoke and Deane
  • Provide a strategic focus for co-operation between the Christian Churches in the Borough on relevant issues such as church planting, social concern, etc.